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Q & A.....      Joining the BHPA, existing PPG pilots.


Q1:- So what are the requirements to get a BHPA pilot (power) rating for a ppg pilot who has never been a BHPA member or 'officially' trained but has over 90hrs? Can anyone explain this simply?

A1:- You ring the BHPA office and ask for the Alternative entry to the Pilot Rating Scheme.

The lady takes your phone number and passes it on to Dave Thompson, Technical Officer. He phones you and asks about your experience and asks you to send in your logs to show at least 25hrs and at least one 30km xc. He arranges for you to sit the Pilot exam and then you are awarded the Pilot rating. Simple.Cost is £10 admin fee for the exam, £15 joining fee and £84 annual subscription, so £109 in the first instance then £77 each renewal.For the membership fee you get 2 miilion 3rd party insurance and a subscription to the magazine *sky wings* and various other benefits.



From Ed Cunliffe BHPA PPG representative, 20/03/09

The letter of the great technical manual reads thus:

In order to address unusual situations, an alternative entry method is available to the PilotRating Scheme.

This method is designed to allow existing pilots into the BHPA PRS without them having to work through the system from the beginning.

There are two steps:

i. Prove pilot proficiency to Technical Officer’s satisfaction. This can be:

• By producing an ‘International Pilot Proficiency Identification’ card (see Appendix B)

• By providing logbook evidence of flying experience to enable a Technical Officer (on behalf of the FSC) to decide which rating is most appropriate.

• Through Coach observation of flying skills. In this case the Coach must provide written support vouching that the pilot’s demonstrated skill

level equals or surpasses that required for the rating applied for.

Note: The Coach may only observe: the Coach must not place himself in the position of assuming any level of responsibility for an unqualified pilot other than the normal Duty of Care owed by one citizen to another. No coaching or supervision should take place.

ii. Pass the relevant BHPA examination. The papers will be marked by the BHPA office staff. (Alternatively or previously qualified pilots may be

exempt this requirement if they can show an equivalent and current knowledge of UK Airlaw and Flight Theory topics demonstrated through an equivalent examination. )

In this way the pilot proves his practical and theoretical experience.

The Exam

(courtesty Francis Rich)

Anyone is welcome to study from here

In four sections relating to the four sections in the exam and each section divided into topics with a question in the exam on each topic. Zoom your browser to 200% for best view.

The exam is a lot easier than these study notes might suggest. They are designed for a club coach to deliver lectures from and then study from and cover each topic to some depth, if you know all this the exam is a doddle.

Any BHPA club coach can invigilate the exam. Any Chief Coach can arrange a practical flying skills assessment should that be deemed necessary but often the interview with the technical officer backed up by flying logs and an endorsement from someone known to that officer is enough (and an exam pass of course).


(courtesty Francis Rich)

Pilots for that matter, would do well to attend a paramotor school and get the launch method taught and get signed off at the outset. I don't actually charge for an assessment and exam if I am at the field anyway and someone just needs to be observed and invigilated. But the standard of flying has to be good enough to be considered "Pilot" quality and the exam must have been properly revised for. It is not unusual for the candidate to request some further training as a result of the experience both in theory and in practical work.


Ric <>;

Get yourself over to airways airports. We can spend a day going through anything your not sure about, then you can blast through the exam. show me you can fly and let me have a look at your log book.

bobs your uncle :)

Pilot pg (power) rating here you come! :)