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Well The Northumberland Fly in / Get together is almost upon us and there is a quite a large gaggle of Lancys Lemmys and Wirral going regardless of weather conditions if you wish to attend please and need accommodation then Terry has B&B Accommodation at the local pub or should we call that the office of the Lancashire hot props.. Find Booking information at foot of page.
Terry the owner of the accommodation has the field next to the log cabins 13 acres and he has also secured a sixty acre field for both take off and landings Pilots please if something is not right i.e. safety issues or standards of flying please speak up every pilot must be aware that piloting safely and within the relevant law at the end of the day will be solely there own responsibility.This is Gem of an area so lets protect. Any low airtime pilots attending Requiring a watchful eye I'm sure you will get plenty of help from the more experienced guys so speak up please there's a lot to see and only a short time to do it in I have underlined the fact that petrol is ten miles away YES twenty mile round trip so be prepared. Could any pilot attending that would like to ad there mobile number to a list to be used in case of emergency / retrievals please E-mail me off group (Taking into account the next retrieval could be you)any first aiders coming please speak up Let me know who you are.

Details for Cabins (Take off fields yards away)
The Lodge, Fram Park
NE65 8DA

Tel: 01665 570502
Fax: 01665 570872

Foot Note
Take off Fields and Local Amenities
The village inn is half a mile away we serve food from 12 - 3 and 5 -9  every day,  village shop is open daily and closest petrol station and super markets are in Alnwick 10 miles away.
There are Chinese, Indians and chippy in Alnwick
The fields in front of Fram Park one is 13 acres and one 3 acres if wind directions not suitable there is a small private farm strip opposite Fram Park that you can use.
Cheers Terry
PPG Holidays
Spain - Las Candelas
La Puebla De Los Infantes, Sevilla
Usually held last weekend in January
Las Candelas, PPG meet and great street parties.
Please treat all PPG sites with the greatest of respect. They are very hard to come by but very easy to loose. If possible contact local pilots for a briefing before flying. Always fly safely, comply with the relevant laws and most important don`t piss people off by flying early in mornings close to habitation, flying low or flying slow over built up areas. Check for sensitive areas like stud farms etc. Just be good and have fun.
Fly High
Fly Safe