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Useful info

Titanium / Alloy welding:- I'm sure I'm not the only one who has broken his nice, new, shiny Titanium PPG frame ... I've done it twice now ouch. I really must practice pressing the engine OFF button faster!) If you are struggling to find someone to repair yours, contact Andy Shaw on 0773 691 0123 ... he's in the Sheffield, South Yorkshire area. I can unreservedly recommend him ... I've found him to be a totally genuine chap, who will not rip you off with the price.

Info from Brian 'Turbo' Tunnard, The Cloud Hoppers Paramotor Club

Alloy welding near York:- Ian Jemison  Welding...01904 703 863...Ask Ed...brilliant job!

Prop Repairs:- James Davies, the "nice propellor repair man" on 01509 233399 or mob 07833

Helix-Carbon GmbH, Merzbrück 206, 52146 Würselen, , Germany, Fon 02405 - 40882-0, Fax 02405 - 40882-01

Second Hand PPG beware...


1.Find a nice field approx the size of  two football pitches. Preferably flat with no power lines or obstacles on the perimeter such as trees etc...

2.Get the owners permission for flying from and camping on field, if necessary bribery sometimes works..

3. Portable loos or toilet facilities are useful.

4. Running water helps also.

5. Check diary for other events so they don’t clash.

6. Put info on here & Lemmings site

7. Stand back and light blue touch paper...

Other things to consider...

Briefing for pilots not familiar with the area so they don`t wind up your neighbours and loose you a flying site.

Notams and restricted flying areas...

Weather..good weather always helps if not a nearby pub or off-licence is a good consolation prize.

(The annual comp was held in a field behind a pub one year.)

Be prepared to clean up site afterwards. there`s a minefield.

I am sure lots of pilots would love to come and entertain you, just dont tell them how far it is....

Norman M

How to arrange a fly in.