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Like all wing modifications, ground handle and test fly carefully before fully exploiting any changes.
Any pilots who modifies his wing is solely and completely responsible for doing so and any consequential circumstances leading from the modification including handling, airworthiness and certification.

Original comments from Bill Kerr.

I had the idea of what ended up as ALC after trying the original solution for steering at fast trim on reflex wings.
The original idea was to pull the Stabilo line. I wasn't too impressed with the results, and came up with what I called BTSS - brake tip steering system.....(Or ALK ! )

Michel Carnet got the idea from my posts and pictures, and contacted Dudek. Hence ALC - a la Carnet.
Michel's system is based on mine, but is slightly altered.

This is a simple modification. The theory behind it is that the ENDS of the trailing edge only are braked. This gives a long lever-arm to effect the turn without causing so much drag as braking the longer trailing edge that the normal brakes operate on. And it is easy to use on fast trim. And it does nothing to the reflex of the wing.

Attach a line to the outermost brake line at the last connection point where the short lines go to the trailing edge of the wing. On the Revolution this acts on about 500mm only. Attach the bottom end of that line to a point on your riser. I don't even use a handle, but just catch the line and pull it out and down to turn.

The normal brakes are unaffected and can be used when required. The wing configuration is completely unaltered in normal flight.

This Brake Tip Steering System is in my opinion a huge improvement on the normal tip steering system, being very much lighter, and also more responsive. This is true at both slow and fast trim settings.
Wingtip Steering
Photos by
Andrew McMahon